Back in Columbus

If you know me, this isn't exactly news, but after a long while of working remotely for various Chicago businesses, I made the decision to work in Columbus again. I rarely update this site, but after realizing that because I forgo using LinkedIn and such that people actually look here to know more about me, I thought I'd say a few words about this transition.

The move wasn't about me moving away from the great companies I've worked for in Chicago, but more about me personally being the kind of person who does better in a setting where I've got my coworkers in my physical presence. This may change for me in the future, but I think it was time after a year and a half to give it a go again.

Luckily, I've found 2Checkout (or they found me). I'm doing a little bit of everything there, and really enjoying it. The first thing that sold me was the cast of characters I'd be working with and have been working with for the last five months. Second was solid management rooted in payments tech. Third but tied with #1 is the fact that we have really challenging problems to solve and I get to make a direct impact on that. I'm a happy camper.